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Most of us, first-time managers, don’t get enough help, guidance and coaching. It’s a known issue.

The harsh truth about being "promoted" to engineering manager - it is not a promotion. It's a career reset. You’re starting from scratch, especially if you’re working at a big corp.

It is your responsibility to learn and adapt. And there is a lot to learn and adjust to.

  • What’s my role?

  • What does it mean to be productive and successful as an engineering manager?

  • How to manage people? How to manage people who were your peers a month ago? How to run 1:1s? How to give feedback?

  • How to manage my time and focus? How and what should I delegate? How to say no?

  • How to hire and onboard?

  • How to let someone go?

This is not the full list, of course.

My goal with this newsletter is to provide as much help as I can to first-time managers.

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